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Stress, Uncertainty, & the Coronavirus: Episode 33


If you are feeling unsettled, stressed, or have jangled nerves as we all weather changes due to COVID-19, there is a good reason. In this special edition of the podcast, Michele and Eliz discuss why your brain likes a predictable environment and how uncertainty creates stress. Eliz shares her research on stress and some tips to decrease the impact of these unsettling times.
As always, there’s a bit of humor, some real talk about food insecurity, bullying, and even Michele’s stress brought on by a drunk driver destroying her cattle fence.  
Key points:
  • Why your brain likes predictability

  • How you can make uncertainty feel more predictable


  • How to disconnect from the stress of things you can’t control

  • Why your emotional reactions are natural


  • Why we have enough food

  • Why staying at home is important

  • Seriously, WASH YOUR HANDS

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