Food Bullying Podcast

Are You Eating Beyond the Headlines? Episode 27


Are you leaving foods out of your diet? You can run the risk of creating health issues if you are leaving out a food group, such as carbohydrates. “Our bodies need a variety of nutrients, which are obtained from variety of foods in our diet” points out Neva Cochran, a registered dietitian nutritionist.

When you eliminate most of the foods in your diet, you are not going to be adequately nourished and may not have enough calories. That’s when your body starts breaking down muscle, producing ketones, or other consequences.

Today’s Food Bullying podcast guest advises us to not label foods good or bad, just try to eat all foods in moderation, prepared in ways that don’t add a lot of extra calories.

Key points

  • Cranberries, sustainability, and fruit floating at harvest.
  • Excluding entire food groups leads to people missing out on nutrients
  • Gaining weight back in the yo-yo syndrome and avoiding the quick fix of dieting.
  • Dietary guidelines released every five years, recommended by experts. 
  • My Plate is great way to eat a balanced diet with appropriate portion sizes.
  • How to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Fear-based food marketing and uncontrolled label claims.
  • It can be more efficient in food miles to get foods from far away rather than solely focus on local.
  • Many times it’s not what we’re eating, but more about what we are not, such as produce.
  • Why frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh, and often less expensive. They are always in season.
  • Should we be concerned about preservatives or are they a distractor to healthy eating?
  • People are looking for simple solutions to complex problems.
  • Food shaming in the grocery store.
  • How to overcome food bullying: don’t believe everything you hear from your friends or online, turn food package over to look at Nutrition Facts Panel, talk to a Registered Dietitian Nutrition if you have a specific health issue related to food and nutrition.

Fab quotesRDN Neva Cochran

“Physical activity is key to taking off and maintaining weight.”

“The combination of eating a balanced diet and physical exercise is critical.”

“People are very attracted to quick weight loss, like cutting out entire food groups, such as carbohydrates. It just doesn’t work and isn’t healthy.”

“The fact is that you cannot tell a food grown with biotechnology in agriculture from one that isn’t. There is no nutritional difference.”

“Our body is very efficient at cleansing out toxins, so people don’t need to worry about cleansing because our bodies do that naturally.”

“90% of the people  in the U.S. do not eat enough fruits or vegetables.”

“People get concerned about minutia when they should be focused on eating more fruits and vegetables and whole grains, as well as lean meats, low fat dairy and healthy fats.”


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