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How can a farmer grow organic & GMO food on thousands of acres?

Food Bullying Podcast

How can a farmer grow organic & GMO food on thousands of acres?


If you’re a person who always wanted to know more about the behind-the-scenes work that happens at the farms that produce your food, this episode will open your eyes.

In our conversation, we cover:

  • What does “a sustainable farm” look like?
  • Why Ryan decided to farm organically
  • The potential and pitfalls of a farm going organic
  • The “behind the scenes” work and knowledge that goes into running a farm
  • Organic vs. Conventional vs. GMO farming and why all choices are right
  • Food bullying in agriculture
  • Food label fibs e.g. popcorn is not a GMO

The Conversation:

[3:19] What do you grow on your farm?

[4:52] What is a transitional crop?

[7:32] Why did you decide to go to organic?

[12:32] Is organic the only way to go?

[13:37] Are GMO’s wrong? 

[16:25] All the technology and science that goes into running a farm

[19:32] Dealing with criticism as an organic farmer

[25:00] 3 quick tips for overcoming bullying

Fabulous Guest Quotes

The hardest thing about organic is insurance…”

“I think the industry has made a mistake in using GMOs as the “easy” button.”

“Organic takes a lot of labor, a lot of work, and a lot of time…”

“One thing the American farmer is really good at is taking a market…”

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