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Mother’s Day & a Big Block of Cheese: Bonus Episode


In this special Mother’s Day edition, Michele and Eliz are joined by Grace Greene, Eliz’s daughter.  In a nod to the West Wing Weekly Podcast, Grace leads a “Big Block of Cheese” format to turn the tables on her mom and Michele.  To peals of laughter, Grace asks questions on a range of topics including:

  • Was Eliz a food bully when Grace was little?
  • How lactose-free and A-2 milk works
  • Selective breeding of Holsteins and watermelon
  • The cool story of saving the papaya through bioengineering
  • The non-GMO butterfly label
  • Bioengineering – including the 10 crops that are bioengineered (yep – only 10)
  • How to use your own standards to resist food bullying – especially when you bully yourself.
Food bullying Mother's Day

Eliz and her twin daughters at graduation

Grace Greene is taking the final exams of first year at the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers) where she studies vocal performance and music education. She is an environmentally conscious vegetarian and an avid consumer of podcasts.

This podcast is a great reminder to every mom out there – you’re doing the best you can. Remember – someday your child will grow up and may tell stories on your podcast!


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