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Chemicals, hormones, and an anniversary – oh my! Episode 59


Food Bullying podcast hostsFifty eight episodes have flown by and here we are, a year into the Food Bullying Podcast! Michele and Eliz reflect on the first anniversary of the podcast with a look at some of their favorite episodes. Listen for more insight on nutrition, neuroscience, farming, exercise, GMOs, healthy eating, hormones, science, and wellness.

Episode 11: How do you feed a vegan NFL player & a carnivore ballerina?

Leslie Bonci talks about how nutrition can give you a competitive advantage.

Episode 12: How does food bullying cost hungry people?

Diane Sullivan shares why we should shop with our wallets to help those living in food insecurity.

Episode 16: How is your brain being manipulated about food?

Dr. Tyler Davis explains how emotional responses to GMOs and hormones, sustainability and antibiotics impact our impressions of food.

Episode 18: Are you feeding your brain trash?

“Food is such an integral part of our social fabric. It becomes a part of the storytelling process,” but our farming memory is being lost across generations, says Dr. Cami Ryan, a Canadian social scientist.

Episode 22: How to overcome food anxiety & B.S. health claims

The “health industry” is a business of money, contends Bill Sukala, a Registered Dietitian Nutrition and Clinical Exercise Physiologist in Australia.

Episode 25: Are chemicals in food poisoning you?

The Food Science Babe shares, “Whether you can pronounce an ingredient or not has no bearing on whether it’s safe. If you can’t pronounce it, look it up.”

Episode 29: How now, brown cow? Why a dairy farmer talks to his cows

Farmer Derrick Josi says, “Some people think I’m crazy when I’m out there lecturing my cows.”

Episode 30: Are you bullying yourself about food?

Cara Harbstreet says, “If we feel that our food choices don’t uphold this ideal standard of how we “should” be eating, there is a harsh cycle of criticism and judgment, often from ourselves.”

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