Food Bullying Podcast

Are you bullying yourself about food? Episode 30


“I shouldn’t eat this…I’m too fat to have this cupcake…I’m not a good parent because I bought this snack.” When was the last time you judged or criticized yourself about food?  National Nutrition Month is a great time to change the restrictive mentality we have around food and today’s guest will help you spend less energy  worrying about food.

Cara Harbstreet is a Registered Dietitian Nutrition (RDN), focused on eating without restriction or fear. She’s authored an intuitive eating workbook to help people find food freedom and celebrate eating agin.  ara believes health at every size is pursuing healthful behaviors that can help us. Stop bullying yourself about food and buying into the chaotic eating space. If all else fails, celebrate with chocolate and smile!

Key points

  • Food shame: why we bully ourselves
  • Food freedom: how do you relate to food and believe what your believe? It’s a very fluid and ongoing process.
  • Health at every size: moving away from calories in and calories out, putting more of an individual emphasis on other factors.
  • Food bullying offers a persona to restrictive mentality, which can lead to eating disorders.
  • How you’re drawn in by “bright and shiny” objects of food labels
  • Standards: put some blinders on and identify your own priorities, which can be determined by budged, time, and other preferences.
  • The stress of trying to feed ourselves and making nutrition decisions, from calorie counting, macros, etc.
  • Being more compassionate towards yourself; adapt and evolve your plans to what happens in the moment to be more flexible in getting through the day.
  • The multi-billion business of dieting and supplements.
  • Pendulum effect of restrictive eating and the associated cycle. Find a place you can sustain new found satisfaction around food.
  • How restricting your food can lead to overeating.
  • Identifying B.S. label claims such as super foods, detox foods, transparent food.
  • The importance of transparent conversations with farmers and farmers to help people feel more comfortable with food production
  • Tips to overcome food bullying: Take a step back to check-in with yourself, stay curious and skeptical, and grow your network. 

Streetsmart RDNFabulous quotes

“Shame is the most powerful master emotion. It’s the fear that we’re not good enough.” says Brene Brown. Food should never be about shame.”

“Don’t let one negative experience about food define your story.”

“Health at every size means we’re pursuing the helpful behaviors.”

“If we feel that our food choices don’t uphold this ideal standard of how we “should” be eating, there is a harsh cycle of criticism and judgment, often from ourselves.”

“Get more in tune of what’s going to look best for you in the long run.”

“Eating is such a fun thing, but food can be incredibly stressful instead of celebration and connecting with other people. It can be contentious.”

“We really don’t have to be so uptight and need to loosen up about food.”

“Food is deeply, deeply personal.”


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