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Many people claim to have knowledge about the agrifood business, but few have firsthand experience farming. Don’t buy into the latest misinformation about food, fuel, feed or fiber before you connect with a few of these people who live and work in agriculture.

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Policy of Inclusion
This list of blogs has been collected by Michele to help those who are looking for information about how their food is raised, in the interest of connecting all sides of the dinner plate.  People who blog about their work in agriculture and efforts to tell agriculture’s story in a professional manner are included. Please contact her if you’d like to be added to the list or have a favorite to suggest – the list is updated weekly. Michele retains right of refusal based upon blog content, commercialism or community conduct that does not fairly represent the diversity of agriculture.  A separate list of for farm and ranch families who blog is found at Farmer & Rancher Blog List.


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