Eastern Region Farm & Ranch Blogs

Looking for food production information? Want to to talk to the people behind your food plate to get the facts?  Confused about what’s happening in the business of raising food, fuel, feed and fiber? Don’t get your information from an English professor at Berkley in Food Inc., the Humane Society of the United States or others promoting food fads. Gain firsthand perspective from the people who are working with land and animals to fill your plate, clothe you and fuel your cars.





New York




We currently do not have blogs from Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware or Rhode Island. If you know of a farm or ranch blog from those states, please submit it for review.

Policy of Inclusion: This list of blogs has been aggregated by Michele to help those who are looking for information about how their food is raised, in the interest of connecting all sides of the dinner plate.  People who blog about their life on a farm or ranch are those who are listed.  Please contact her if you’d like to be added to the list or have a favorite rancher or farmer who blogs.  A separate list for those who advocate from their various roles in agriculture can be found at the Agvocate Blog List.