The unintended consequence of food elitism: Episode 35

Stress, Uncertainty, & the Coronavirus: Episode 33

If you are feeling unsettled, stressed, or have jangled nerves as we all weather changes due to COVID19, there is a good reason. Michele and Eliz discuss why your brain likes a predictable environment and how uncertainty creates stress. Eliz shares her research on stress and some tips to decrease the impact of these unsettling times. As always, there’s humor, real talk about food insecurity, bullying, and even Michele’s stress brought on by a drunk driver destroying her cattle fence.

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How can farmers & dietitians help with food insecurity? Episode 32

Did you know that nutrition programs are the majority of the farm bill? It’s one of the many ways agriculture and nutrition go hand-in-hand.  That’s why the Food Bullying podcast is celebrating National Nutrition Month and National Agriculture Month with a joint release with the Sound Bites podcast.

Melissa Joy Dobbins, RDN, is the host of the Sound Bites podcast and she loves learning from farmers! She talks with Michele & Eliz about opportunities for agriculture and nutrition to work more closely together to address hunger.  

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Where food grows, bugs go: Episode 31

Wine. Tomatoes. Green beans. Tofu. What may sound like a menu is actually what one farm grows. Jennie Schmidt shares how she produces so many crops, why her farm transitioned from organic to conventional to be more sustainable, and what food bullying terms like factory farming mean to her family farm.

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