Dietetic ethics, evidence, & evolution of food information: Episode 105

mRNA, myths, & why science in food matters: Episode 104

Dr. Folta emphasizes that technology has given us access to the safest, most abundant food supply in human history, and this access is worthy of appreciation – not fear. He wants dietitians to look for the evidence behind mRNA and genetics in food, rather than believing clickbait. As new technology continues to help strengthen our food system, communicating the science behind it will strengthen consumer trust.

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Ranching, your relationship with food, & wellness: Episode 103

The biggest hurdle for so many people pursuing health and wellness, including healing their relationship with food and being intentional about nutrition, has so much more to do with their mental and emotional state that we often realize. I believe that health should be pursued in a holistic approach, not sacrificing one aspect of health while in pursuit of another. 

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Apples, fungi, & pheromones: Episode 101

“Everyday life on the farm isn’t always sunshine and roses.” Nick Schweitzwer, a fifth generation farmer from the area known as “the ridge” north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Roughly 60% of Michigan’s apple production are grown in the area and Nick grows over 18 varieties on his farm.  He shares how there are many challenges…

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