Back to school with agriculture & nutrition: Episode 112

Overcoming GMO food OMG: Episode 94

Take the gene as a sentence in a book. Copy that sentence (gene) into another book. Now scientists can put the gene into a specific paragraph. Farmer Paul Hodgen uses this example to explain genetic modification in food. He has worked with GMOs – genetically modified organism – in both the laboratory as an agronomist, as well as farming GMO corn and soybeans.

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A dietetic legend of learning & laughing: Episode 90

Leslie Bonci has filled four decades as a dietitians with certifications, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetic offices, and building an amazing practice of serving athletes & real people. Leslie is all about helping  clients discover their best through knowledge, application, and motivation.  Leslie notes “No one knows what RDs do. We have not done a…

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The science & food safety of salads: Episode 86

Growing greens and delivering them safely to your plate is more complex than you might believe. Did you know that there are over 400 family farms behind the big brands of lettuce you see in your grocery store? Dan Sutton is general manager of the Pismo-Oceano Vegetable Exchange (POVE), a farmer-owned cooperative near San Luis Obispo, CA, and  joins Nicole & Michele to help you get to know the people behind your greens.

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