Chemicals and doctors and food, oh my! Episode 77

Growing cranberries and sustainability: Episode 66

Cranberries! One of the stars of autumn tables evokes beautiful images, wonderful scents, and a distinct taste. We discover how cranberries are grown and harvested sustainably in this episode, plus why we shouldn’t be afraid of the “sugar” in these nutritious berries. We also learn how a cranberry bog in Massachusetts looks different than a cranberry bog in Wisconsin.

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Snakes, stigmas, & neophobia in the pandemic: Episode 62

What role does disgust play in our fear of disease? Why should we be careful about the language used to describe disease, such as COVID-10?  Dr. Tyler Davis is back to discuss how exotic foods are associated with “otherness.” Neophobia (fear of new things) creates stigmas. These stigmas can lead to food bullying, whether related to COVID-19 or technology used in farming.

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What’s the context of your nutrition choices? Episode 57

Have you ever had an authority figure make you feel bad about your food choices? Are you drawn in by people selling sensation rather than by facts around food?  We talk peanut allergies, low-FODMAP diet, health literacy, chocolate with our guest Sherry Coleman Collins. She’s an award winning Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is passionate about making the delicious choice the healthy choice and converting the science of nutrition into bite-size nuggets.

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