Science says stress is hurting your business.

Your land & animals likely get better care than you.

How can you manage all of the uncertainty?

Feeling the stress of changing markets, demanding clients, weather disasters, consumer backlash, poor margins, paperwork, and family issues? You're not alone; one out of two people are dealing with depression or anxiety. Stress management is an essential business skill today - and it's best done proactively.

This new "Agriculture's Growth Calendar" brings 52 weeks of ideas and inspiration for your office or kitchen. It’s a desktop flip calendar that stands above the piles on your desk, serving as a guide to stress management, personal growth, and building resiliency. Beautiful images from a national contest makes the calendar a salute to the peace and people of rural America.

Quick reminders and practical tools fill weekly pages, organized into planning, planting, growing, and harvesting seasons. More than a dozen farmers, veterinarians, ranchers, and medical professionals contributed tips from lived experience, data to support stress management as a business tool, and resources for your family. A weekly challenge gives food for thought about how to implement the tip.

CDC reports that the occupation of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting is the leading occupation for suicide. It’s time to change that. Michele believes helping the people of agriculture manage their own stress will spark the difficult conversations about better caring for the humans of our businesss.

You can now order new 2022 Agriculture’s Growth Calendar. The stand and cover will have room for company name and logo. A branded Agriculture's Growth Calendar is a wonderful holiday gift for you to help your customers and serve as a resource. Contact Michele for volume order discounts.

Sold out for 2022. Michele is creating a journal with these stress management tools. Contact her for more details. 

Why this calendar? It's a reminder to take better care of the people of agriculture.

Farm owners and workers are more likely to die by suicide than any other occupation. Veterinarians are 2.7x as likely to attempt suicide than the general population. One out of two of us struggle with depression or anxiety. Net income on farms decreased by 40% 2013-2017. Weather disasters hurt thousands of farmers and ranchers in 2018-2020. A global pandemic closed doors, wasted tons of products, and emptied store shelves in 2020-21, with 66% of farmers saying the pandemic negatively impacted their mental health.*

We in agriculture have to have the tough conversations about caring for our people. Michele is  hoping this calendar will be a conduit to that, while offering practical tips. Branding opportunities are available to companies/dealers ordering 250 or more calendars; contact Michele for more details about ordering these as holiday or customer gifts.

Like the right wrench used before things fall apart, stress management can fix many problems proactively.

*References include CDC, American Farm Bureau Federation, and Merck Animal Health AVMA study

National photo contest winners announced!

We appreciated the thousands of votes - our team used them to help finalize the winners. There's a five-way tie for third because it was too tough to pick just one. We had 300+ beautiful photos entered and 56 will be displayed in the calendar. Thank you to each person who sent an image of rural America. Congratulations to the winners!

Winning photo taken by MaryLou Ziebarth
Winning photo taken by MaryLou Ziebarth
Second place photo taken by Marisa See
Second place photo taken by Marisa See
Third Place: Carrie Stanovick
Third Place: Carrie Stanovick
Third Place: Cheryl Durheim
Third Place: Cheryl Durheim
Third Place: Kirk Mitchell
Third Place: Kirk Mitchell
Third Place: Paige Sullivan
Third Place: Paige Sullivan
Third Place: Markus Erk
Third Place: Markus Erk

Other top photos taken by Heather Linder, Elizabeth Wood, Jennifer Dammann, Micheal John, and Cheryl Durheim.

Photos selected for the 2022 calendar taken by: Heather Barnes, Mitchell Bender, Michael Birge, Jennifer Dammann, Natasha DeRuiter, Allie Holton, Cheryl Durheim, Casey Ellington, Markus Erk, Angie Feider, KayDee Gilkey, Donna Hellwig Rocker, Rachael Hill, Joni Kamiya, Karen Kirsch, Danielle Klein, Sara Lardo, Heather Good, Liz Looker, Kirk Mitchell, Hannah Myers, Val Plagge, Kevin Schleicher, Marisa See, Ethan Shepherd, Sara Sindelar, Carrie Stanovick, Elle Starkey, Paige Sullivan, Brooke Totzke, Elizabeth Wood, and MaryLou Ziebarth.  Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who entered.

Here's a sneak peek inside...

Ranching calendar
Calendar for farming

Order 52 weeks of ideas and inspiration now to give as unique gift for ag folks.

Number of calendars

Who is Agriculture's Growth Calendar designed to help?

  • Farmers
  • Veterinarians
  • Ranchers
  • Agribusinesses
  • Ag retailers
  • Farm families
  • Sales representatives
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Ag banks and lenders
  • Rural family businesses

Expert contibutors sharing lived experience:

  • Kathryn Martinez, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Jason Medows, pharmacist & Ag State of Mind
  • Eliz Greene, author of Sress-Proof Your Life
  • Nate Brown, Ohio farmer
  • Theresia Gillie, survivor of suicide
  • Randy Roecker, Farmer Angel Network
  • Sarah Thomas, college student
  • Jolene Brown, Certified Speaking Professional
  • Derrick Josi, Oregon farmer
  • Ashley Kennedy, Michigan farmer
  • Carie Telgen, DVM
  • Brandi Buzzard, Kansas rancher
  • Christy Lehner, survivor of suicide
  • Adrienne DeSutter, counselor
  • Psychologists & licensed therapists
  • Lisa Haen, LivingSafe Series

Sold out for 2022 - contact Michele for details about the new stress management journal. 

A sneak peek inside...

Farmer stress tool
Stress management agriculture
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