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Science Blogs

Science Blogs


Alexis Sobers’s Personal Learning Experience

Appeasing A Food Geek

Alliance for Science

Ask an Entomologist


Cameron Talks Science

Doc Cami Ryan

Don’t Eat the Pseudoscience

Edible Intelligence

Franken Food Facts

Green-Eyed Guide

Hurd Health: Animal Health and Food Safety


Indian Botanists

Jayson Lusk: Food and Agricultural Economist

March Against Myths

Nutrevolve Nutritional Sciences

Out-of-the-Box: Science-Based Insights into Food System Sustainability

Robert Wager M.Sc.

The Scientific Parent

Policy of Inclusion

This list has been collected by Michele to help those who are looking for information about the science behind how their food is raised, in the interest of connecting all sides of the plate.  People who blog, Facebook, Tweet or offer social insight about their work in food and animal sciences in a professional manner are included. Please contact her if you’d like to be added to the list or have a favorite to suggest. Michele retains right of refusal based upon content or community conduct that does not fairly represent the diversity of agrifood system.