Growing a Social Food Conversation

Connecting the Science and Stories of Food & Nutrition

through Social Media

Does the buzz about Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social networks really matter to dietitians?

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There's more to food than what we put in our mouths. Vast amounts of information about food is literally just a click away. More frequently people are turning to Google to answer their questions instead of the experts such as doctors, teachers, dietitians, etc. They follow food advice of bloggers, friends and celebrities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, live streaming, Instagram, YouTube and other social networks.

Michele Payn has closely monitored the ever-changing social media world since 2009 and will explain how social networks are not a fad you can wish away. You'll learn from her experience developing communities that reach well beyond your field of research - such as #FoodChat, a streaming conversation twice a month about the business of raising food, fuel, feed and fiber.

"Michele brings a dynamic and exciting presence to her workshops. Running the gambit of Agvocacy to Social Media Training, her workshops will help everyone from the novice to the expert in developing their messaging and building a platform."

- Todd Martin, Executive Director & CEO, Independent Professional Seed Association

Michele highlights how social networks are impacting popular opinion about food, science and those involved between farm gate, food plate and your fork. Her rapid-fire and thought-provoking session will help you understand:

  • What adversaries are doing to proliferate misinformation
  • Why managing privacy and time concerns isn't complicated
  • How you can connect outside of your traditional circles to build connections around the food plate
  • Tips for harnessing social media tools to quickly send messages about what you do and why it matters

Participants will create a road map to develop their own online community, understand differences between the major sites and how to manage your sanity in our overly social world. You'll be surprised with your ability to grow online networks efficiently while maintaining your privacy.  Michele is a pioneer in online advocacy to connect people in conversation around agriculture and food. She believes NOW is the time for all interested parties to sit down at the table and engage in the discussion - or accept that others without firsthand expertise - will be glad to speak for you.

Cause Matters Corp. has tracked activists' social communities for over three years and will share staggering facts of how different groups, such as Humane Society of the United States and Greenpeace, have increased their following 100x in that time frame. Know that if you don’t have a place at the table, misinformation from these groups will serve as your voice in the conversation.  Don't be intimidated by the rate these tools change, the crazy vocabulary, how many channels there are, or your age.  You will learn:

  • Demographics showing social media is not a fad
  • 10 examples of shifting public opinion about agriculture and food through social media
  • Action plan to get started on social networks in a matter of minutes

Michele offers this interactive training for your conference, company or online as a  webinar. 60 minutes or 6 hours - reserve your time with Michele today! You’ll help your attendees be on the cutting edge with new tools that narrow the gap between the farm gate and consumer plate. @mpaynspeaker highlights those who are using social media as thought leaders - and demonstrate how you can do the same to help connect agriculture and food interests.  This workshop can fluctuate from an hour general session to a six-hour training customized for your group.

Outcomes (will vary depending on time frame): MPK, Michele Payn, social media, computer, agriculture speaker

  • Become familiar with the social media landscape
  • Develop a plan for individual involvement in social networks
  • Evaluate role of social media in driving marketing misinformation
  • Learn how to build your community quickly and effectively
  • Track thought patterns of consumers and influencers
  • Break through clutter by finding Twitter management tools to help you
  • Determine how to counteract food misinformation messaging through tweeting

Michele will help your audience leverage social media in a practical way through hands-on training that's known for filling up brains. Rather than approaching social media from a technology viewpoint, she's able to connect with audiences by providing meaningful experiences and case studies relevant to those in agriculture, food, dietetic and nutrition worlds. Additional articles and references are available to help you at her Ag, Food & Social Media page. Cause Matters Corp. also consults with select clients on social media strategy and training.