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Meet Michele Payn

Inviting you to the intersection of farm & food, head & heart

Michele connects the people, stories, and science of farm and food. She brings clarity and common sense to nutrition, health and agriculture. Her energy permeates a room and livestream. Her experience ignites ideas, online & in-person. Her audience engagement moves your meeting to a new level. When you are ready to work with one of North America's leading experts in bringing people together around the plate, contact Michele for hope, humor, and healing. 

Answers to the most common questions around farm and food - without judgment.

Tools to for the mental health challenges happening across agriculture - and how to break the stigma.

Ideas for your own social, ethical, environmental, and health standards when making eating decisions.

Break the silence and change the stigma about mental health issues in farming & ranching.

Understand why the people of agriculture need the same care as our land and animals.

Discover resources to share with neighbors, employees, family members, or customers during pandemic.

We are so glad we booked Michele to present "Resiliency in Agriculture." She addressed a tough topic with empathy, humor and truth. Many of our members confided that they were apprehensive about attending a mental health session, but thanked us for including it in the program because they found it enlightening and rewarding. Others said they were grateful to have attention brought to an issue that's immeasurably impacted their lives. Some said Michele's session brought them much-needed awareness of how mental health challenges are impacting rural America. At the end of a tough year for agriculture, Michele's reminder that valuing each other as humans before anything else was invaluable and grounding."

- Sarah Gonzalez, National Grain and Feed Association

Michele’s keynote rocked the room! There was laughter, quiet moments, audience participation and interaction – including real-time text responses to her questions. We had 500 young farmers leave feeling inspired to advocate for their livelihood, better equipped to do the job, and feeling pretty darn good to be an important part of agriculture! She's even more interactive with smaller groups, and has helped me design projects such as interviewing consumers about food production and understanding activists’ tactics. Leaders are amazed at the difference between where they started –"educate consumers" – to creating action plans that make true connections from Michele’s training."

- Mary Foley Balvanz, Iowa Farm Bureau

2020 IPPY Gold


Food, once cherished for nourishment, has become a chaotic playground filled with Bull Speak (B.S.) claims to bully and demonize people around their eating choices. The need to position one food as superior to another lies at the heart of food bullying. Fat-free marshmallows. Gluten-free water. Grass-fed peaches. Hormone-free salt. Vegan water. No-salt added, boneless bananas. This newly released book looks at our hunger for a feel-good story about our food and

  • Upends food beliefs with insights from an international award winning author in health, medicine and nutrition.
  • Identifies neuromarketing tactics used to generate $5.75 trillion in food sales.
  • Offers an easy-to-understand description of food label terms and what terms you don’t need to worry about.

Thank you for touching our hearts, opening our minds and literally letting us kick up our heels."

— Wisconsin Association of Fairs

She hit the nail on the head...we love to kill people with facts and science...but we have to go for the heart, as well as the mind. Michele hit on that and challenged folks while really engaging them in conversation.

- Curt Hudnutt, Rabo AgriFinance Executive Vice President



Tips to engage in a smarter conversation. Tools to address mental health issues in agriculture. Ideas from ag, farm & ranch bloggers across the world.

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Information on tough issues like antibiotics, food safey, animal welfare, and GMOs. Perspective from dietitians, farmers, and scientists. Connections.

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Communication skills. Ideas to rebuild trust in science through human connections. Tools to identify and discern solid science.

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