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Michele Payn webinar

Michele is known for her unique ability to connect food, health, and farming. Her energy, humor, and candid style is a breath of fresh air in livestream training. Her research takes a hard look at critical issues impacting your future and leaves people thinking. 

Michele is a speaker who encourages attendees to engage, even in the age of Zoom fatigue. She sheds light on food, mental health, and agricultural issues - offering perspective during and after the pandemic. A high energy trainer who leaves people thinking, Michele works with you to develop a recipe for a livestream program that will meet the needs of attendees, motivate them to act, and give them tools to implement at home during and after the pandemic. She has been speaking virtually for over a decade and uses polls, questions, Q&A, videos, and a variety of techniques to get attendees to interact and make your meeting the best ever - even if it's virtual! Michele can present on Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, GoToWebinar, or the platform of your choice to deliver meaningful training to help you deliver greater membership value. She connects with people's hearts to move minds.

Webinar & Livestream Offerings

Virtual Programs for Agriculture

Content, candid stories to help address concerns about agriculture, and conversations we must have about the pandemic's impact on agriculture for our future fill these livestream programs. Michele is known for moving hearts of farmers & ranchers, agribusiness professionals, farm bureaus, and leadership groups.

Stress Management for SMART Business (new): Did you know that chronic stress can shrink your brain? Strategically approaching stress management will help you continue to grow through the uncertainty. Michele offers this new livestream filled with SMART tips and tools to help anyone in agriculture be more proactively equipped to  handle stress. The solutions are not complicated, but are often overlooked. Michele helps your audience understand tools like rest, exercise, nutrition, and the value of including stress management as a part of their business.

Take Food Bullying by the Horns: Filled with examples from across the grocery store and scientific evidence, this webinar is filled with new insight. Food bullying is taking away choice on farms and ranches across the world. Based on the new Food Bullying book, Michele illustrates how trends in neuroscience and psychology are changing perceptions about farming, and agriculture as a whole. She also takes a lively look at where these trends have led to bullying within agriculture and how we can be more compassionate in our business to help consumers better understand the complexities of the food system.

Resiliency for Agriculture: Bring hope, healing, and humor to help with the stress of ag folks, whether you're a farmer or in agribusiness. Michele's insight on tough topic helps remove the stigma around mental health. This webinar is designed to help people open up, realize the shared problem we have in agriculture, and equip participants to better handle tough mental health conversations with tools. She challenges attendees to provide the same care for people as we do our land and animals, while offering resources to help.

Translating Farm to Food: The pandemic has proven the need for food availability and accurate information. Michele will help you go beyond telling a story to connect with food consumers on issues such as sustainability, animal welfare, hormones, food waste, chemicals, GMOs and more. Based on Food Truths from Farm to Table book and the 25 biggest issues creating disconnect between farm and food.

Championing Agriculture: Designed to give attendees 6.5 steps to speak about agriculture, this weibnar features an easy-to-remember plan. Based on No More Food Fights! book, this webinar helps each attendee identify a target audience, understand hot buttons, and how to connect with those as a bridge. Includes an action plan they can put to work at home and helps develop a timeline to meet the current interest in food, farming, and healthy eating during the pandemic.

Training for Healthcare & Dietitians

Evidence-based examples. Research from writing three books. Real-life, firsthand food productions insight filled with humor. As an author and professional speaker connecting farm and food, Michele's  livestream webinars simplify safe food choices with tools in critical thinking and information literacy. Great for continuing education credits.

How food bullying hurts your health: COVID-19 has taken fear about food to a new level.  How can you better evaluate label claims in the grocery store? Can you find the B.S. (Bull Speak)? International award-winning author Michele Payn reveals how food is a $5.75 trillion business focused on fear-based marketing. Food bullying is about the need to position one food as superior to another, removing choice, and creating emotion. This interactive webinar will take look at levels of bullying and their motivators, helping you to simplify safe food choices and protect food security.  You’ll learn:

  • How does food bullying affect us? Overview of victims and the consequence of misinformation on food prices, the food insecure, and farmers.
  • What is Bull Speak (B.S.) and what matters on food labels? Examples to include chemical & antibiotic claims, ‘distinction without definition’ labels - and the power of the Nutrition Facts Panel.
  • Why does food bullying impact your brain? Manage emotional vs. rational decisions related to food to overcome the unnecessary drama and neuromarketing surrounding our food plates today.

Elevating the food conversation: There’s too much fear in food today. This fear hurts your health as stress increases about eating the “right food” - especially during a global pandemic. Michele Payn will help you elevate the conversation with insight when people are the most vulnerable to food bullying, ways bullies leverage fear in the grocery store, and how to use health, environmental, ethical, and social standards to buy food with confidence. You’ll learn:

  • Where does food bullying happen? Understanding the implied power of position, platform, and product, and where it will most likely impact you.
  • Who can you engage to help elevate your food story? Connecting with firsthand experts to understand the source, science, or system.
  • Why neuroscience matters in food buying decisions, highlighting new research on food production technology.

Table Talk Livestream: Small group training designed to connect people around the food plate and grow understanding about key issues such as animal welfare, chemicals, GMOs, hormones, food waste, etc.

What do meeting planners and webinar attendees say?

Exceptional presentation today at the Women in STEM virtual conference at MSU! I am a biology professor at MSU, conservation biologist, and career coach and can honestly say I can apply something that you presented to every one of those career hats."

— Dr. Cassie M. Dresser-Briggs, Michigan State University 

Michele’s “Take Food Bullying By the Horns” presentation was perfect for our annual conference. Through our work, we interact with consumers on all levels of agriculture education and awareness. Michele’s research provided the tips and tools we need to make sure agriculture’s voice is heard. Michele was wonderful to work with throughout the entire planning process and was accommodating when we had to make the decision to shift to a virtual conference. She diligently prepared her presentation to ensure she understood our needs and met our expectations of her speaking engagement!"

— North American Agricultural Marketing Officials

Michele was able to provide a very insightful webinar for our attendees, receiving excellent reviews from the dietitians." She's extremely professional, took our needs and feedback into account when preparing for the event, shared event details to encourage a wider audience, and was always available. Michele is a pleasure to work with."

— Hanna Kelley, RD, LD, Director of Health & Wellness, ADAI

Agriculture & Dietitian training livestream

Partial Client List

  • Aetna
  • Agriculture Future of America
  • AgStar Financial Services, ACA
  • Alpha Zeta
  • Ag CIO Roundtable
  • AgChoice Farm Credit
  • American Agri-Women
  • American Dairy Science Association
  • American Farm Bureau Federation
  • American Soybean Association
  • Apple Proccessors Association
  • Bayer CropScience
  • Canadian Farm Business Management Council
  • CHOICES: Food, Health & Collaboration
  • CNFA/USAID Ukraine
  • Commodity Classic
  • Dairy & Nutrition Council of Indiana Dietitians Summit
  • Elanco Animal Health
  • Farm Credit Council of America
  • Fastline Publications
  • Genome Prairie
  • Great Lakes Fruit & Vegetable Expo
  • Idaho Dairymen
  • Independent Seed Professionals Association
  • Indiana Dietetic Association
  • International Food Information Council
  • Kansas Soybean Association
  • Legacy Farm Credit
  • Manitoba Canola Growers
  • Merck
  • MFA
  • Michigan Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Michigan State University Alumni Association
  • National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
  • National Hog Farmer
  • National Onion Growers
  • New York State Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Northwest Farm Credit
  • Pioneer Co-op
  • Today's Dietitian
  • Washington State Hay Growers Association
  • Wisconsin Dietetic Association
  • Women in Agribusiness

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