Looking for a speaker with passion, leadership & practical tools?

Michele's passion, humor and candid style helps attendees share experiences, have a great time learning, and put ideas to work when they leave your conference or virtual event. She's known for the ability to connect with people's hearts to move their minds.

She's a speaker who encourages attendees to have fun - while developing skills in translating farm to food, leadership, and resiliency in agriculture. Known as a speaker and trainer who gets people thinking (online and in person), Michele works with you to develop a recipe just for your organization to hit the hot buttons of attendees, motivate them, and give them tools to implement when they leave your meeting or virtual event. Learn more about Michele's livestreams and webinars here.

Energizing Workshops & Motivational Keynotes

Keynotes for Agriculture

michele-payn-side-profile-square-rightMichele's energetic keynotes, filled with candid and humorous stories about the reality of life on a farm, resonate with a variety of groups. She's known for moving hearts of farmers/ranchers, agribusiness professionals, farm bureaus, and leadership groups. Livestreams available. 

Keynote Topics:

Workshops for Farm, Ranch & Ag

MPK, Michele Payn, food agriculture science workshop participationWhether she's encouraging people to reach across the plate, discussing stress management strategies, or modeling how to translate farm to food, Michele's sass and interaction makes her training memorable while helping thousands engage in conversation. Virtual options available.


Dietitian & Nutrition Professional Training

Are you tired of the marketing myths surrounding food, fad diets pushed by celebrities, or the drama surrounding nutrition and health? Michele speaks from the intersection of farm and food, head and heart. She is uniquely equipped to help dietetic and healthcare professionals with her firsthand expertise, sound science, and research from writing three books.


Not-For-Profit & Association Programs

Ready to elevate your community engagement and sponsorship strategy to a new level? Michele has raised >$1.5 million for local capital campaigns, managed more than $5 million in corporate sponsorships in 15 states, and built international communities. She encourages interaction and guides teams through a variety of innovative exercises.


Science Communication Workshops

Is science losing credibility? Do people trust your work as a scientist? Are you able to effectively convey what you do in a short conversation? Michele will help you with a six-step communication plan to illustrate what you do as a scientist as you step out of the ivory tower. Her thought-provoking work shows you the value of a one-on-one conversation to build understanding.


What do meeting planners and conference attendees say?

You are a gift to agriculture, you do an amazing job connecting non-ag folks to agriculture. You do this in a relatable and logical way that's welcoming and opens the door to a deeper understanding of ag.

Keep doing a fabulous job. I look forward to collaborating with you more."

- Lana Frantzen, Ph.D., RDN, DairyMAX

Michele offered the Apple Processors Association thought-provoking insight into the food and farm conversation with her presentation at our annual meeting.  Our members engaged in great dialogue long after her presentation concluded - we hope to have her back for another session in the future."

- Andrea Ball, APA President 

The exercises that Michele had us do, interviewing strangers and building bridges with food, helped us all get over some of our self-consciousness."

— Minnesota Farmer

Partial Client List

  • Agriculture Future of America
  • AgStar Financial Services, ACA
  • Alberta Milk
  • Alpha Zeta
  • Ag CIO Roundtable
  • AgChoice Farm Credit
  • American Agri-Women
  • American Dairy Science Association
  • American Farm Bureau Federation
  • American Soybean Association
  • Apple Proccessors Association
  • Bayer CropScience
  • Canadian Farm Business Management Council
  • CHOICES: Food, Health & Collaboration
  • CNFA/USAID Ukraine
  • Commodity Classic
  • Dairy & Nutrition Council of Indiana Dietitians Summit
  • Elanco Animal Health
  • Farm Credit Council of America
  • Fastline Publications
  • Genome Prairie
  • Great Lakes Fruit & Vegetable Expo
  • Idaho Dairymen
  • Independent Seed Professionals Association
  • Indiana Dietetic Association
  • International Food Information Council
  • Kansas Soybean Association
  • Legacy Farm Credit
  • Manitoba Canola Growers
  • MFA
  • Michigan Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Michigan State University Alumni Association
  • National Association of Ag Extension Agents
  • National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
  • National Hog Farmer
  • National Onion Growers
  • New York State Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Northwest Farm Credit
  • Texas Corn Growers
  • Washington State Hay Growers Association
  • Wisconsin Dietetic Association
  • Women in Agribusiness