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Food Bullying Podcast

with Michele Payn & Eliz Greene

Food. Health. Your questions brought to life. Laughter and real conversation. Answers to help you make eating choices with less stress.

Are others making you feel guilty about your food choices? In this NEW Food Bullying podcast, Michele and Eliz talk about the $5.75 trillion secret that food marketers and celebrity spokespeople don’t want you to know. Each episode is filled with tangible ideas on how you may have been bullied, why it impacts your wellness, and how to overcome food bullying. Michele and Eliz are known for their humorous, real-life debates about food, health and the stress associated with each. You'll get oh-so candid conversation from two moms who have unique insight on food, experts who will upend your thinking, and how eating choices effect your health. This podcast that will help you navigate grocery store aisles, menus, and those sticky conversations with friends or family.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Is your emotional brain being tricked by food marketers? Episode 16

Our brain has a lot of processes that help us to make decisions and evaluate pieces of evidence for those decisions. Part of our brain is  very attuned to just accumulating evidence for the value of something. It integrates all of the different pieces of evidence that we might experience...

Why does food bullying hurt farmers?

There’s a lot of pressure on farmers to do the best that they can to not only protect our environment, but also have a sustainable business. Most of the time, we are not giving farmers space to thrive, but often dictating what they should and shouldn’t do. Theresia Gillie is...

How can you best help the hungry & food insecure?

Hunger is not limited to zip codes or seasons. Food insecurity is a challenge in nearly every country in the world. Every day a family is trying to survive little or no food. According to Food Bullying podcast guest Jennifer Erickson, hunger is not seasonal. We find that food banks...

Can the way you buy food reduce hunger?

Did you know the way you shop can help reduce hunger in our country? In this episode of the Food Bullying Podcast, Diane Sullivan explains the relationship between shopping and hunger-reduction. Diane is a mother...

How do you feed a vegan NFL player & a carnivore ballerina?

What should athletes eat to optimize every aspect of their health? How can nutrition give you a competitive advantage? Why do we attach an emotional value to food? How can you eat more produce? The...

What do Michele & Eliz really think about food bullying, stress, and each others’ food choices?

Two moms with unique insight on food and health. Michele Payn & Eliz Greene are both authors and professional speakers, but come from very different backgrounds - and like to debate. Tune in to the...

How do you deal with food bullies in social media and protect your wellness?

Today on the Food Bullying podcast, Michele & Eliz talk about an interesting topic that many people have different views on, weight loss.  Lisa Baker-King shares her health and wellness journey. She has worked at...

Is it safe and environmentally acceptable to eat meat?

What food safety should you practice at home? In this episode of Food Bullying, we talk to a meat scientist, Jennie Hodgen. She spills the beans all about meat science and enlightens listeners about some...

How do moms overcome food bullying at school, at the gym, and in their own head?

Mom and fitness instructor Ellen Frost explains how food myths make the grocery store confusing, the pressures of mom guilt & food shaming and how kids are bullied about food. Ellen joins Michele and Eliz...

How can a farmer grow organic & GMO food on thousands of acres?

If you’re a person who always wanted to know more about the behind-the-scenes work that happens at the farms that produce your food, this episode will open your eyes. In our conversation, we cover: What...

How do you overcome guilt when buying groceries?

In this episode, Michele and Eliz talk with retail dietitian Leah McGrath about developing a healthy relationship with food, whether we are in the supermarket or posting on Instagram.
 Key points: Figuring out what nutritional...

How are farm families stressed by food bullying?

In this episode, we approach farming from a different perspective and take a look at the impact of food bullying on mental health. Lesley Kelly, a farmer and mental health advocate, shines some insight into...

A Look Ahead at Season 2 & 3

Why does food bullying matter? Topics planned for season two, releasing 11/12:

  • Removing the fear in food & nutrition
  • Bullying of people living in food insecurity
  • How bullying impacts family farms internationally
  • Elected official's perspective on food bullying
  • Neuromarketing in eating choices
  • Farmer insight on how choices have been limited in production
  • A look at social science in eating choices
  • Ways to identify B.S. (Bull Speak) in your food
  • Wellness of the body and brain
Food Bullying Podcast

What you'll hear on the podcast:

  • Experts in dietetics, food, neuroscience, farming, psychology, mental health, wellness, agriculture, marketing, and food science.
  • Answers to the most common questions around food - without judgment.
  • Tools to battle bullying found in the 200,000+ label claims found in a grocery store.
  • Ideas for creating your own social, ethical, environmental, and health standards when making eating decisions.

Meet the Hosts

Michele Payn

Michele Payn Food BullyingKnown as one of the leading voices in connecting farm and food, Michele helps you simplify safe food choices while understanding food bullying. An international award winning author, she brings common sense to the overly emotional food conversation and gets perspective from the cows in her front yard. Michele is a mom who is tired of the guilt trips around food, so she wrote Food Bullying: How to Avoiding Buying B.S. She’s also a kick boxing professional speaker who has helped thousands of people understand the real story behind food. Michele’s work has appeared in USA Today, Food Insight, CNN, Food & Nutrition Magazine, NPR and many other media outlets. Armed with science, compelling stories, and a lifetime on the farm, Michele will upend the way you think about food. She is also the author of No More Food Fights! and Food Truths from Farm to Table, an IPPY award winner in health, medicine and nutrition

Eliz Greene

Surviving a heart attack at age 35 while seven months pregnant with twins propelled Eliz Greene on a mission to share her story to inspire other busy people to pay attention to their health. As a professional speaker, she shares down-to-earth strategies on wellness, leadership, and stress management. Recognizing stress as an essential and often under-addressed risk factor, Eliz conducted a research study on job stress and is writing Stress-Proof Your Life.  She was named as a Top Online Influencer on Stress and Heart Health. She’s been seen on CNN, PBS, Lifetime, TNT, and many national and local news programs. A national spokesperson and advocate for the American Heart Association, Eliz received the Heart Hero Award in 2010.  More recently, she has partnered on the Take Cholesterol To Heart campaign. Eliz writes a Top Health and Wellness Blog and has also authored Stress-Proof Your Heart and Busy Women's Guide to a Healthy Heart.