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How do you overcome guilt when buying groceries?

Food Bullying Podcast

How do you overcome guilt when buying groceries?


In this episode, Michele and Eliz talk with retail dietitian Leah McGrath about developing a healthy relationship with food, whether we are in the supermarket or posting on Instagram.

 Key points:

  • Figuring out what nutritional information you should listen to–and which information you should ignore
  • Is the “Dirty Dozen” really as dirty as we think it is?
  • Does organic always mean “pesticide-free”?
  • Why you should have a personal standard when it comes to your food
  • Why you shouldn’t focus on the front of the food package
  • How are manufacturers trying to make food labels more reader-friendly?

The Conversation:

[2:44] What the heck is a retail dietitian?

[5:25] What confusion do you see with people have around buying the right food?

[7:00] How do you decide with all of the confusing health information out there?

[9:00] The “Dirty Dozen” Food list

[15:11] Food bullying and social media

[19:00] Having your own personal standard with food

[22:34] How should you read a food label?

[27:40] 3 quick tips for a healthier relationship with food

Fabulous Guest Quotes

I can see the relief across people’s face when you say ‘It’s OK to buy food based on price and how it looks..”

“Consumers are just overwhelmed with the volume of information…”

“People become very judgmental about what mothers are feeding their children…”

“…your best bet is to ignore everything on the front of the package because it’s like make-up on a pig.”

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