Food Bullying Podcast

How can a millennial move from fearing to celebrating food?


Breaking out of the fear cycle in making food choices can be difficult.

That’s why we turned to clinical dietitian, Danielle Penick, RDN, in this episode. Danielle has been through her own journey from an insecure food shopper that was easily bullied to becoming a comfortably cool food buyer who became a dietitian helping cancer patients. She also gives tips on how to engage in respectful food conversations, rather than food fights.

In our conversation, we cover:

  • What training does a dietitian (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) have?
  • Is a dietitian and nutritionist the same thing?
  • Supplements, cleanses, and detoxes: Yay or nay?
  • The locavore dilemma
  • Busting food myths and a framework for providing food tips

The Conversation:

[5:04] What does a dietitian do?

[6:40] What does it take to be a dietitian?

[9:20] Is a dietitian and nutritionist the same thing? 

[10:31] What are your thoughts about “experts” who call them “nutritionists”?

[13:17] What about cleanses and detoxes?

[14:49] What foods are toxic to our health?

[16:40] What personal standards do you have about food?

[17:37] The “local food” dilemma

[21:20] What helped you in your own personal journey with food?

[29:28] Busting food myths

[30:27] 3 quick tips to stop food bullying

 Fabulous Guest Quotes

…we do live in one of the safest times in human history in terms of food and agriculture.” 

“For some people, I know I couldn’t change their mind, but I can at least plant the seed.”

“Very rarely do I see a dietetic internship having much emphasis on agriculture.”

“Any dietitian call themselves a nutritionist, but the opposite is not true.”

 “Most supplements that are out there are just good marketing. They’re not well regulated.”

“Everything in life is toxic at the right dose.”

 “…we know that eating more produce is better than not, regardless of the production method.”

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