Making Science Sexy: Communicating Your Relevance

OpinionCommunicating Science Matters

The desire to discover and explore drives scientific research. However, a scientist’s right to conduct science in the future will likely be determined by their ability to communicate. Communicating science is a necessary practice for anyone involved in science today – and those who are able to translate science to the general public will be seen as a connector between two worlds.

History Proves It

It’s not hard to imagine early discoveries - throughout history there are examples of great men and women responsible for groundbreaking research. These scientists disclosed their findings and shared the potential impact on the future within their peer community. Their enthusiasm and passion made them the best at communicating what they do, why it’s important and the potential impact. Most importantly, these are the scientists and researchers that gain the recognition and collaboration to go further.

Overcoming the Challenge

One of the greatest challenges of the scientific community has always been internally focused - reliant largely on their credibility, intellectualism and institutional support. The distrust of generation X and Y has eroded perceived integrity of scientists, as has bad science and the questioning of science funded by grants or private sector funding. The result has been declining trust in science, along with eroding credibility of scientists. In some cases - the misinterpretation - or worse, the malicious intent of activist groups distributing misinformation to mislead unknowledgeable followers.

Michele's Practical Tools Can Help

In Michele's session, you will brainstorm ideas and learn to leverage your position of expertise to make science provocative and alluring. This workshop is designed to arouse interest in the truth and a desire to connect science with peers, the general public, the media, teachers and politicians and engage science for a better understanding and support for the future. Key outcomes:

science communication

Is science trusted? How are you communicating scientific credibility? Can you translate technical information to the the non-scientific world?

  • Step out of the ivory tower to stand up, speak out, and “sell” science
  • Understand hot buttons and why they’re so important to translating science
  • Influence the non-science world, including elected officials and media groups

Not only will Michele’s background in connecting people around the food plate provide a valuable perspective, but her passion keeps the audience engaged. Her interactive style facilitates conversation – she will provoke each attendee to realize that science communications begins with them! Making Science Sexy: Communicating Your Relevance is a great way to excite your audience about innovative ways they can proactively speak up about the truth in science. This program will help leverage the trust invested in research and science through 6.5 easy-to-remember tools for communicating science and its research.

Objectives: (will vary depending upon timeframe)

  • Evaluate failures and successes in telling the story
  • Complete a personal action plan that can be used with your members
  • Share advocacy ideas with other organizations
  • Receive a resource list to help you and your members have the arsenal to proactively fight back for science and research

"Wow! Dynamic, enthusiastic, energetic right on target, and exemplary are just a few ways to describe Michele and her talents. The custom designed workshops and general session that Michele provided were incredible."

- Dan Durheim, American Farm Bureau Federation

Watch Michele discuss the importance of communicating science - connecting the people and science of food and farming.

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