Agriculture isn't just your work, it's who you are.


farm, soybeans, Michele, Michele Payn, professional speaker, farm agriculture speaker, agribusiness speaker, authentically agriculture, keynote speakerOr is it? Now is the time to translate the agriculture world to the non-ag folks and YOU are the one to do it. It's also time for us to take responsibility for not communicating about what's happening on today's farms and ranches - which means we must relate as humans.

You have the opportunity to connect on common values, regardless of who is on the other side of the conversation. Michele's new program is filled with examples of standing in 100% authenticity for agriculture. She'll help you find a way to "go beyond the choir" and connect with people who can still be influenced through conversation. Michele's "agversations" with moms, CEOs, children and media come to life with her humorous look at agriculture's messages. This program will show you how to:


  • Connect on common values – shared interests and results
  • Provoke interest and let others learn from your personal experiences and stories
  • Create “agversations” with those within and out of the agriculture to spread your message
  • Share what is happening on today’s farms
  • Discover how to be casual yet influential in conversation rather than defensive
  • Help others understand the importance of ag issues – become more comfortable discussing issues with others
  • Interpret the journey from farm to plate with your own stories
  • Learn how Michele talks about ag issues to non-aggies comfortably, meaningfully so you too can become a compelling storyteller

Audience members will be inspired to take a hard look at "who am I",  consider "what does that mean to others" and then take actionable steps through "how do I translate agriculture to something meaningful for others." Michele is known for lighting a fire under farmers, ranchers and agribusiness people  - this program is designed to help your meeting attendees understand how to relate on a personal basis, as one human to another.

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Can you connect different worlds?

Learn from Michele's experiences discussing food, fuel, feed and fiber with parents, foodies, influencers, international audiences, friends and nutrition professionals. She'll give you freedom to be authentic even when you're not "talking shop" with people who share your same background. Michele is often asked "how can I be in a situation that's unrelated to agriculture and still share my message?" This memorable program gives the answers - and grows your comfort level, confidence and clarity.

Typical audience outcomes:

  • Use your strengths to comfortably reach beyond the choir
  • Find more voices in a bigger, more robust conversation about agriculture
  • Identify new tools that allow you to practice the conversation with a variety of non-ag people
  • Gain confidence in high risk situations to deliver results

When you're ready to connect farming, ranching and agriculture on a human level, contact Michele to help. Breakout workshops that complement this keynote include Championing Agriculture and Translating Farm to Food.

"Michele’s keynote rocked the room! There was laughter, quiet moments, audience participation and interaction – including real-time text responses to her questions. We had 500 young farmers leave feeling inspired to advocate for their livelihood, better equipped to do the job, and feeling pretty darn good to be an important part of agriculture! She's even more interactive with smaller groups, and has helped me design projects such as interviewing consumers about food production and understanding activists’ tactics. Leaders are amazed at the difference between where they started –"educate consumers" – to creating action plans that make true connections from Michele’s training."

- Mary Foley Balvanz, Iowa Farm Bureau

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