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Take Food Bullying by the Horns

How does food bullying impact agriculture?

Food Bullying Bull Speak

Have you ever been frustrated by the 200,000+ food labels in the grocery store?
Are you tired of the divide between people eating and those producing food?
Do you worry about losing your freedom to farm?

What is food bullying? The need to position one food as superior to another lies at the heart of food bullying. Bullying doesn’t happen without fear–and there’s a whole lot of fear in food today! Food bullying literally takes food out of someone’s hand–by removing choice, creating emotion, or forcing an individual into groupthink mentality. Who are the victims?

  • the farmer who can longer use the most effective pest control in her vineyard
  • a homeless person who can no longer afford eggs because of price increases from regulations
  • the farmer who is insulted by his neighbors for transitioning to organic
  • a mom afraid to buy anything not labeled non-GMO
  • ranchers not allowed to use traditional animal health practices because of backlash from activists
In this new, thought-provoking program, Michele will bring many other examples. Food is a $5.75 trillion business in the U.S. alone – and controlling your future. Food bullying has become an epidemic that is taking away choice on farms and ranches across the world. Michele illustrates how trends in neuroscience and psychology are changing perceptions about farming, ranching, and agriculture as a whole. She also takes a lively look at where these trends have led to bullying within agriculture and how we can be more compassionate in our business.

Sustainable farming & ranching

As the author of Food Bullying: How to Avoid Buying B.S., Michele is armed with science and compelling stories from dietitians, farmers, neuroscientists, agricultural families, psychologists, and food scientists. She backs these often amusing examples with research and perspective from a lifetime on the farm to empower you to:
  • Understand the motives of food bullying so you can help elevate the farm and food conversation.
  • Navigate misinformation in a social media world of likes, selfies, clicks and keyboard cowards.
  • Engage in fruitful discussion about food production with those who hold different viewpoints.
  • Help others establish health, ethical, environmental, and social standards to overcome food bullying.
  • Grow awareness of psychological and neuromarketing tactics used in food marketing.

Food Bullying Farmer"Take Food Bullying by the Horns" is a trendsetting topic. It's a candid look at the future of food and agriculture–and Michele has just the right energy to make it both comedic and compelling. Listen in to the Food Bullying Podcast to get a better idea about this innovative about this epidemic that impacts everyone with an interest in food and farming. 

Bring this NEW program to your conference – contact Michele today to talk about a motivational keynote or hands-on workshop for your farm, ranch, or ag group. If you're ready empower agriculture to expose how perceptions about food and farming have been manipulated, It's time to bring "Take Food Bullying by the Horns" to your next meeting.

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