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Apps to help protect your health

  • Calm Harm: Walks you through steps to help you reset and helps you breathe.
  • Headspace: Hundreds of meditations for stress, sleep, focus, anxiety, and more.
  • Fabulous: Helps you build healthy habits into your day to protect your physical and mental well-being.
  • Noisili: Improve focus and boost productivity with different sounds to create the perfect work.
  • Moment: Reduce your screen time with short, daily exercises to help you use your device in a more healthy way.
  • Aloe Bud: organize your thoughts with small, simple reflection prompts to help micro-journal how you're feeling each day.

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Farmer suicide

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Books from Michele

Food Bullying Michele Payn

Are others making you feel guilty about your food choices? This book reveals the $5.75 trillion secret that food marketers and celebrity spokespeople don’t want you to know. What if the claims about the food you’ve been led to believe is superior are actually B.S. (bull speak)? Food has become a battleground where marketing labels and misinformation is used to bully and demonize people around their eating choices. This startling look at the misrepresentation of food sheds light on bogus nutrition and environmental claims to help you recognize bullies and defend your food choices. More about Food Bullying...

Food Truths with Michele PaynDon't believe everything you’re being told about food—most of it is highly misleading or completely untrue. This IPPY bronze medal book identifies marketing half-truths and guides you through the aisles of the grocery store to help you simplify smart food shopping. Named a #1 best seller and a hot new release on Amazon, Food Truths from Farm to Table is a book written to turn confusion into clarity. More about this book...

Food fights might seem entertaining, but there’s nothing funny about the fights taking place over food production. Resource limitations, animal welfare and biotechnology are just a few issues cropping up to create confusion in the grocery store. Ultimately, both farmers and food buyers are making a personal choice, and author Michele Payn calls for decorum instead of mayhem in the conversation around farm and food in this two-sided book. More about No More Food Fights!...