Food Truths Book

This book will help you learn more about...

  • Animal Welfare
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemicals
  • Corn
  • Food Costs
  • Food Safety
  • Food Science
  • Food Waste
  • Genetics in Food
  • Gluten
  • GMOs
  • Hormones
  • Label Claims
  • Marketing Misinformation
  • Reduce Time in Buying the Right Food
  • Organic Farming
  • Soil Health
  • Sugar, Salt and Fat
  • Sustainability

About the author...

Michele Payn is an author and media resource who speaks from the intersection of farm and food to bring clarity and common sense to the grocery store. Known as one of North America’s leading advocates, Payn is passionate about getting back to the truth in food raised the right way, by the right people, for the right reasons. She is an in-demand media resource whose work has appeared in USA Today, Food Insight, Food & Nutrition Magazine, Grist, and others as well as on NPR and CNN. As a Certified Speaking Professional, she has addressed hundreds of groups, such as Dietetic Associations, Universities, Genome Prairie, Michigan Vegetable Growers, Farm Credit Council, Apple Processors Association and Farm Bureaus, helping thousands of people around the world translate farm to food. Payn is also the author of  No More Food Fights! Growing a Productive Farm & Food Conversation and Food Bullying: How to Avoid Buying B.S., an IPPY Gold Medal winner.

Don’t believe everything you’re being told about food—most of it is highly misleading or completely untrue. This new book identifies marketing half-truths and guides you through the aisles of the grocery store to simplify smart food shopping

Everyone eats. Yet two-thirds of the U.S. population lives in cities, with many of these individuals never having visited a farm or ranch where their food is produced. Michele Payn's approachable writing connects those two worlds to answer your toughest questions about food.

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Remove confusion and bring clarity to food buying

  • What is the only “food” on your dinner table that does not contain hormones?
  • Why do the vast majority of Americans believe any food with DNA should be labeled?
  • How can animals raised for food also be treated with dignity?
  • Is it true that a typical serving of broccoli has more estrogen than a serving of steak?
  • Why is more than 40 percent of food wasted in the United States?

Awarded a bronze IPPY in medicine, health and nutrition, Food Truths from Farm to Table answers all of these questions and many more, bringing an unheard voice in the highly emotional food debate. Authored by Michele Payn, a leading farm and food advocate with an in-depth understanding of both sides of the plate, this intriguing book helps readers understand how food is really produced, answers food critics and points out how food marketing and labels are often half-truths or even “less-than-half truths.”


Readers will gain insights from a food expert who offers a viewpoint that stands in stark contrast to the typical sensationalist and often negative perspective on fashionable food — accurate information that will help you to better trust the intentions and process in farming and ranching. The revelations in this book, an Amazon #1 best seller and a hot new release, will simplify food shopping, reduce guilt about being a consumer and give you the freedom to enjoy your food again.

Why do you need this best selling book?

  • Turns food confusion into clarity on how to buy, prepare and serve safe and nourishing food.
  • Offers an informed voice of reason in the overly sensationalized food and health arena.
  • Arms food buyers to make decisions based on their own social, ethical, environmental and health standards.
  • Provides eye-opening insights why parents should not feel guilty if they can’t afford the “right” label or food.

Check out bonus materials, including the downloadable list of 25 food truths.  You can also watch Food Truths from Farm to Table contributors in conversation with Michele on video here. If you're with the media, please visit the newsroom.

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What food, health and agriculture experts are saying...

This book is for the 7 billion people who eat each day. Michele Payn highlights how family farms are fighting food waste, hunger, and other issues, and the solutions they're coming up with in fields across the world."

- Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank

Smart grocery shopping and healthy eating shouldn’t require a science degree. Food Truths from Farm to Table guides you through the grocery store and saves you time. If you’re looking to shop and eat with less guilt, read this book. Michele’s 25 food truths will give you the freedom to enjoy your food again."

- Phil Lempert, The Supermarket Guru, former NBC News’  Today Show Food Trends Editor, Author & Speaker

This is an important topic whether you are an academic, dietitian or consumer. Michele Payn’s 25 food truths are grounded in science and she offers an unheard voice in the debate around food, nutrition and health. If you want to give yourself permission to be smart about food, read Food Truths from Farm to Table today.”

- Sonya Meyer, Ph.D. - Director, Margaret Ritchie School of Family & Consumer Sciences, University of Idaho

We have to eat in order to live and we might as well be as knowledgeable as possible about what we buy at the grocery store.  As consumers of food, we should have a better scientific understanding of how it is grown and produced, giving us more power in our daily food choices.  I’m a big believer in healthy eating for a healthy life.  This book provides a unique look at food, how modern day farming can help our health and is an approachable read about the power of nutrition.”  

Dr. David Samadi, chairman of urology, chief of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City

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