Can you make smart business decisions when stressed? Likely not. But you're facing more uncertainty than ever? Plan accordingly.

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Proactive planning will give you the tools to better handle stress. Just as you build a business plan, strategically approaching stress management will help you continue to grow through the uncertainty. Michele offers this new workshop filled with SMART tips and tools to help anyone in agriculture.

Stress is your body's reactions to change. It can be positive, or negative. Suicide rates in agriculture show that we need to better equipped to handle stress. It's time to take care of the people of agriculture, just as we do our land and animals. Michele is just the person to help your group.

Agriculture is filled with chronic stress, such as trade wars, family business relationships, weather disasters, paperwork, consumer demands, and regulations. Science shows that ongoing stress can negatively impact:

  • your brain size and how it functions.
  • the way your children and grandchildren are genetically equipped to handle stressors.
  • your susceptibility to depression or Alzheimer's.
  • your ability to learn, remember, and have positive relationships.

The solutions are not complicated, but are often overlooked. Michele helps your audience understand tools like rest, exercise, nutrition, and the value of including stress management as a part of their business. This benefits more than just farmers, veterinarians, ranchers, and agribusiness owners - families, employees, and suppliers will reap the rewards of strategically and proactively approaching stress. As a result of this online or in-person training, your audience will be:

  • Empowered to assess their chronic stress risks.
  • Equipped with practical ideas from those in agriculture with lived experience.
  • Provided with SMART approach to proactively plan for stress.
  • Inspired to understand why agriculture must include a stress management plan in best business practices.

Bring "Stress Management for Smart Business" to your group - contact Michele today to discuss how she delivers SMART solutions through this workshop. If you're ready to address agriculture's mental health crisis with meaningful action, this program or "Resiliency for Agriculture" can help you.

"We are so glad we booked Michele to present "Resiliency in Agriculture" for our 48th annual Country Elevator Conference. She addressed a tough topic with empathy, humor and truth. Many of our members confided that they were apprehensive about attending a mental health session, but thanked us for including it in the program because they found it enlightening and rewarding. Others said they were grateful to have attention brought to an issue that's immeasurably impacted their lives. Some said Michele's session brought them much-needed awareness of how mental health challenges are impacting rural America. At the end of a tough year for agriculture, Michele's reminder that valuing each other as humans before anything else was invaluable and grounding. The session exceeded our expectations."

- Sarah Gonzalez, Director of Communications and Digital Media, National Grain and Feed Association

Disclaimer: this is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are in crisis, please visit your local emergency room or call 911.

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