Translating Farm to Food

Michele Payn

Michele learned to distill emotional issues through personal stories while writing 100,000+ words, interviewing farmers and ranchers across North America and researching the science behind food. She has spent 15+ years connecting the people and science of food and farming, but authoring this second book really challenged her to relate to consumers on a different level.

How can you move beyond advocacy?

Have you looked into agriculture’s future? Who will be making decisions about how farmers are allowed to take care of our land and animals? Not agriculture, if we can't learn to meet at the intersection of farm and food. Sharing your farm, ranch, or agribusiness story is great, but it’s time to go beyond advocacy. Do you have what it takes to translate today's agriculture to grocery shoppers?

An international award winning author, Michele can help you understand how people look at food.  Food Truths from Farm to Table: 25 Surprising Ways to Shop & Eat Without Guilt  addresses myths throughout the grocery store to bring clarity and common sense to the food conversation. She embedded 25 food truths throughout the book to translate how food is grown, why modern practices are used and how marketing is misleading food buyers. The book, awarded a 2018 IPPY bronze medal in medicine, health and nutrition, includes stories of 55+ contributors to translate the science of today’s agriculture on a human level.

Move skills to another level with Translating Farm to Food. Advocacy and telling a story are wonderful, but can be rather one-sided. Translating what happens on today’s farms and ranches is key to connecting at a heart level. This eye opening keynote or training will help your audience learn:

  • Tips to distill technical issues such as animal welfare, GMOs, antibiotics, food safety, pesticides and hormones into simpler conversations.
  • Techniques to translate the complex business of growing food, fuel, feed and fiber in real-life communications.
  • Advanced methods to communicate why food is grown the right way by the right people for the right reasons.
  • Leadership skills in the conversation around farm and food as a best business practice.
  • Ways to easily integrate these skills across social media channels.
Bring Translating Farm to Food to your conference – contact Michele today to talk about a motivational keynote or hands-on breakout for your group! After all, food deserves to be celebrated, enjoyed and shared. The same could be said about the truth in food. If you're ready for a different conversation about farm and food, this is the program for you.

"I have been attending conferences and seminars in the food processing industry for nearly 30 years. Michele’s recent talk at the Apple Processors Association (APA) in the top two or three presentations I have heard. She was challenging, thought provoking and up-to-date on the issues relevant to our business. During the networking functions, our attendees even talked about getting Michele back to cover additional subjects that the schedule didn’t allow. It was the first time I have heard our membership say that about a speaker. A word of caution: if you just want to hear a pep talk, don’t ask her to speak. She tells it like it is and isn’t hesitant to let you know what you need to do to move forward, even if it challenges status quo."

- Tim Proctor, White House Foods & APA Chairman

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