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Bacon, bullies, and breaded tenderloins: Episode 81


Leon Sheets is a pig farmer in northeast Iowa and his family grows corn, soybeans, and hay using several conservation practices to protect the soil and water. They have 12,000 pigs, from just weaned to harvest, which are cared for using Modern Inside Production Housing. Leon says “Pork Producers We Care Principals is at the foundation of how we raise and care for our pigs.”

While sharing animal care and environmental practices, Leon also provides insight on the nutrition and cooking of pork. He points to fat as maybe the easiest, quickest word used to describe an objection to using Pork. Historically Pork has been portrayed as not the healthiest choice for an active lifestyle, and unfamiliarity with cooking gets raised. “Unless it’s Bacon. Than there’s love for that. Our consumers/customers are looking for healthy variety in their diets, and look to or listen to what Dietitian or Nutritionist are saying.”

This pig farmer wants you to know “We Care. It’s what we do. Making sure what we raise and grow gives our consumers a safe enjoyable eating experience.”

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