Michele PaynHow to Leverage Community Relations as a Marketing Strategy

Need to REALLY connect through marketing? Is your organization struggling to find out how community relations fit into a strategic marketing campaign? Do you need a unique perspective on issues management?

Let Michele help you add to your bottom line and sharpen your image - whether you're with an association or corporation. After helping organizations around the globe and managing relationships with 250 clients across 15 states for a not-for-profit, Michele knows how to leverage community relations as a marketing strategy and will show you how. Through her training programs, she'll share inspirational success stories of how relationships at the grassroots level have blossomed into increased awareness and strengthened brand recognition for other businesses and associations.

"I learned that the best way to sell your point is to listen more than 75% of the time and that you need to find a way to have your product or service address the target audience needs." — Denise Mullinax, Hilmar Cheese

In this workshop with Michele, you will learn:

  • How to identify your target market
  • Proven ways to find audience hot buttons
  • 10 strategies for maximizing loyalty to your organization
  • Methods to increase the resourcefulness of your staff and volunteers
  • The importance of "building bridges" to your target audience
  • Tools for developing a corporate sponsorship programcreative community connections, not for profit fundraising, grassroots marketing, professional food nutrition agriculture speaker, motivational keynote speaker, agribusiness, michele payn-knoper

Also known as... cause-related marketing, membership recruitment, grassroots marketing, nonprofit fundraising, or brand development. Regardless of what you call it, Michele can help you!

Michele has found it's as simple as believing in your cause, creatively connecting with your target audience, leveraging your network and delivering programs that are mutually beneficial. Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions, American Farm Bureau Federation, UDIM and Michigan Farm Bureau Promotion & Education are a few of the clients who have benefited from Creative Community Connections.

Discover how to use grassroots marketing to add to your bottom line and sharpen your image.

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