Food Truths from Farm to Table Bonus Material

How can you help people simplify smart food shopping and restore their freedom to enjoy food with Food Truths from Farm to Table?

  1. Order today as as a gift for friends, colleagues, customers, and family members interested in buying, preparing and serving food. We'd like to get Food Truths ranked as #1 in a category to raise the visibility; it has gone as high as #2.
  2. Write a review on Amazon. Please? Let me know that you did and I'll send you a cool magnet with the 25 food truths. If you need some tips on writing a review, click here.
  3. Spread the word: talk about your favorite part of the book on Facebook or Snapchat. Quote ideas from of 1 of the 55+ contributors. See their live video conversations with Michele here. Use #foodtruth when possible.
  4. Share the book with your e-mail list, newsletter blog or internal publications. The preview booklet, including the complete table of contents, is here.
  5. Tweet one of the food truths with a link to ordering the book on Amazon. Use #foodtruth and and tag @mpaynspeaker when possible. Some example tweets:
    • The new Food Truths book by @mpaynspeaker saved me time by giving me an approachable #grocery guidebook #foodtruth
    • Food should be about celebration, not guilt. Food Truths was a fun read & helped me understand my #food! #foodtruth
    • Food Truths by @mpaynknspeaker helped me consider my #nutritional, social, ethical, #health & standards. #foodtruth
    • Food truth #15 (change out for your own favorite food truth) "Soil is a farm's greatest asset." was my favorite #foodtruth.
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  7. Take a picture that represents on of the 25 food truths and post it on Instagram, with a quick story of why it represents truth in food. Use #foodtruth and tag @mpaynspeaker when possible.
  8. Recommend the book to faculty at your favorite college; it's a great tool for current issues/debate classes, dietetic and nutrition programs, social science courses and campus-wide readings. Faculty can request free exam copies here.
  9. Ask your library to order a copy from Praeger or donate Food Truths from Farm to Table to your local school. It is an excellent way to bring a counter viewpoint to books such as Omnivore's Dilemma or the Food, Inc. movie.
  10. Contact Michele if you need bookmarks or magnets to help bring Food Truths to more people. E-mail book at your Amazon receipt to receive free goodies.
    • Order 5 books: receive 2 magnets + 2 booklets + 2 bookmarks
    • Order 10 books: receive one signed copy of No More Food Fights! + 2 magnets + 2 booklets + 2 bookmarks
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Order 20 copies on Amazon to receive 2 signed books plus Food Truths bookmarks, booklets, & magnets.

Order 10 copies on Amazon to receive a signed book plus Food Truths bookmarks, booklets, & magnets.

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List of 25 food truths (high resolution)
  • Named an Amazon #1 New Release. Released March 20, 2017 for National Nutrition Month & National Ag Day.
  • 55+ farm, dietetics, ranch, food science, and health experts share their firsthand perspective.
  • 25 food truths embedded throughout the book to overcome grocery store myths.
  • 45 chapters cover nine parts of the grocery store: dairy, eggs, fruit, vegetables, meat, bread & baking, cereal, snacks and convenience foods, deli & food service.
  • 119 citations, in combination with personal stories, make it a uniquely well-researched and approachable read.
  • Designed to reduce confusion and guilt so you can feel better about shopping, preparing, and serving meals.
  • Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other fine bookstores, and your library.
  • Accredited for CEUs for RDNs and DTRs.

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