News Release: Are you buying the “right” food or B.S. claims?


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Learn more about Food Bullying: How to Avoid Buying B.S.  

Key facts: Paperback of 236 pages and 20 chapters, released November 5, 2019. 88 citations, published by Morgan James Publishing. Available at bookstores worldwide for $17.95. #1 Best Seller & #1 New Release on Amazon, 8/19.

Endorsements of Food Bullying from food, health, and agricultural experts

Media coverage: Author Michele Payn is experienced in a variety of media channels and a dynamic interview.

Amazon page: Named #1 Best Seller and Hot New Release

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Food Bullying Overview: Table of contents and key ideas (PDF)

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Why this book?

  • Upends food beliefs with insights from an international award winning author in health, medicine and nutrition.
  • Details a six-step action plan to overcome food bullying and relieve guilt.
  • Identifies neuromarketing tactics used to generate $5.75 trillion in food sales.
  • Gives permission to make eating choices to best meet your needs and preferences.
  • Offers an easy-to-understand description of food label terms and what terms you don’t need to worry about.
  • Provides tools to battle bullying found in the 200,000+ misleading marketing messages in a grocery store.
  • Arms you to use your own social, ethical, environmental, and health standards in making eating decisions.

About the Author

Michele Payn, an international award winning author, brings clarity and common sense to the unnecessarily emotional food conversation. Known as one of North America’s leading voices in connecting farm and food, Payn helps you simplify safe food choices. She’s a kick boxing professional speaker who has helped thousands of people around the world translate farm to food. And she is a mom tired of food bullies and keyboard cowards. Michele’s work has appeared in USA Today, Food Insight, CNN, Food & Nutrition Magazine, NPR and many other media outlets. Payn writes from a small farm in Indiana. She is also the author of No More Food Fights!  and Food Truths from Farm to Tablean IPPY award winner, as well as co-host of the Food Bullying podcast.

Story ideas and book excerpts

What is the food bullying epidemic?

What does the food bullying playground look like?

What is food bullying?

How is your brain being tricked about food?

What is the answer to food bullying & B.S. food?

Different levels of food bullying, same answer: "you can't have that!"

Who are the victims of food bullying?

The side effects of weenie water & 5 million Google results

Health audience:  Don't Buy B.S. – How food bullying is hurting your health

Ag audience: Take Food Bullying by the Horns

Food Bullying Podcast

New podcast to build understanding of food bullying with candid co-hosts with a unique insight on food, experts who will upend your thinking, and how eating choices effect your health. The Food Bullying podcast that will help you navigate grocery store aisles, menus, and those sticky conversations with friends or family. Michele Payn and Eliz Greene have candid conversations with people around the world with firsthand experience in dietetics, food, neuroscience, farming, psychology, mental health, wellness, agriculture, marketing, and more. Listen on iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, or at Ten episodes of the first season released September 10, 2019, and the second season will release November 14. Sample episodes:

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Food Bullying Mind Games
Food Bullying confusion
Sustainable farming & ranching

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