Phenomenal Fundraising

Building Bridges through Hot Buttons

Imagine having sponsorships to support your next special event, volunteers flocking to help you, or corporate partners investing in your association.

michele-payn-side-profile-leftMichele can give you the tools to do just that! As a not-for-profit, you have a unique cause...a cause that can be connected with corporate sponsors to generate revenue for your association. Michele will show you how in a workshop, board training, or one-one-one coaching.

WHO? Identify your target audience and prioritize. Who are the people your association needs to connect with? Who are those with significant influence in your community? Remember to prioritize by who’s most important to your efforts - focus on one group at a time!

WHAT? Define target audience hot buttons. What’s important to them? Is there a topic, tradition, or issue that will immediately grab their attention? A hot button is something a person cares deeply about – their passion. Ask questions and closely observe to learn target audience hot buttons!

WHY? Why does your “cause” matter? How does your “cause” appeal to your target audience’s hot buttons? Why should your target audience care about investing in your association? Remember your goal is to speak their language – not your own!

HOW? Follow an action plan. Michele reviews the complete process and how to offer additional resources for selling sponsorships and create long-term relationships.

WHERE? Identify strategic events and communication tools. Don’t wait until revenue is desperately needed to build awareness of your associations. Build bridges for your “cause” (why) by appealing to the hot buttons (what) of the target audience (who).

WHEN? Make a commitment to a timeline and involve your team in the action plan.

"The Agri-Business Council of Oregon hired Michele to present a keynote speech at our Annual Membership Meeting, as well as to facilitate a fundraising workshop with my Board of Directors. She did a fantastic job connecting with both audiences in a way that was entertaining, educational and functional. Her passion for agriculture is true to her heart, and you can see how much it means to her when she speaks. She was worth every penny."

- Geoff Horning, Agri-Business Council of Oregon

Grow your sponsorship strategy with help from Michele. She raised over $5 million for the National FFA Foundation, has conducted a local $1.5 million capital campaign for the 4-H fairgrounds and helped with countless other clients in developing their fundraising.

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