Growing a True Food Movement: Empowerment through Engagement

Meet-MicheleHow can you engage a community through your expertise in nutrition? Is community different in today’s social world? What does an empowered community look like? These questions and more are answered in Michele's hands-on workshop designed for Registered Dietitians and nutrition professionals.  She brings firsthand familiarity with our food source and has exstensive experience connecting the farm gate to food plate to fork. This training taps into Michele's passion to build a true food movement - one that is based upon expertise, science and good sense.

Cause Matters Corp. nationwide research shows that nutrition professionals are frustrated by diets designed by celebrities, media misinformation and consumer's confusion about food.  This workshop will help you build a true food movement to meet these challenges through equipping people with information, empowering them with tools and engaging them as advocates in the cause. More advocates mean more voices speaking out for a true food movement based upon making science and expertise that's personally meaningful to people.  This workshop will look at:

  • Dietitian credibility: Build appreciation for your work. Anyone can claim nutritional knowledge, but only RDs have 4-6 years of education, licensing and a practical technical background through competitive internships. Learn to translate technical information through simple, practical tools that apply in clinical and community settings by using your credential as a knowledge base.
  • Food misinformation: Overcome food bias from reports citing single studies and sensationalism. Trust comes from presenting balanced information from credible sources. Social media is playing an increasing role. Nutrition is ever changing, it's your role to give an accurate voice to the changes for consumers by presenting balanced information from credible sources.
  • Nutrition apathy: Michele estimates 80% of people don't care and want to be left alone when it comes to nutritional guidance - until someone gives them reason to care.  How can you tap into that opportunity instead being seen as the food police?  How can you connect health, fitness and good food with others to engage them to become champions for a true food movement?

This high energy, interactive training will give you a 6.5 step action plan to build advocacy. Not advocacy in the political sense - but advocacy to change the reach of your message from one-on-one to hundreds. Michele will put her extensive experience in community building through advocacy to work for your group. You will learn how to:

  • Identify and leverage hot buttons of your clients to create ownership (and success) in their nutritional choicesfood nutrition conversations, diet, dietitians, registered dietitians, RD, professional food nutrition speaker, michele payn-knoper, motivational keynote speaker
  • Translate the world of nutrition science through those hot buttons so that you're speaking the same language
  • Increase your impact 100x by moving from one-on-one conversations to engagement to creating advocates for a true food movement
  • Implement practical tips from Michele's experience in building virtual and in person communities to support a cause
  • Set up strategies to work more effectively with clients through tools that enhance your reach by engaging them
  • Understand the role of social media in proliferating nutritional misinformation and how to use social tools to your advantage

"As a dietitian for a grocery store chain,  I know Michele Payn gives practical insight to address myths around food, nutrition and health. She brings clarity to your food experience, based on science and real-life experience.”

- Leah McGrath, RDN, LDN

Food is a conversation - it's a commonality we all share. It impacts our lives positively or negatively. Food bridges cultures and serves as a connector. You have a unique opportunity as a nutritional professional to serve as the conduit in a true food movement as a key influencer. Michele can help you reach more people than you ever thought possible!

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