Farm Like A Girl: Laughter for Ladies in Agriculture

cow-field-michele-paynBelly laughs and a bond amongst agricultural women is a sure bet with this humorous look at the unique challenges faced by women on a farm, ranch, or agribusiness. A farm girl since birth, Michele pokes fun at her own mechanical inabilities and shares a dozen other stories sure to leave ladies rolling in laughter. Michele's inside look will warm the heart of any female on a farm, ranch or agribusiness woman.  Women will find a new appreciation for the power of pink in farming #likeagirl with this keynote.


  • Barn bibs to boardroom babes: Managing the balancing act is extra fun when animals, families, careers, land and tractors intersect.
  • Salesmen without a clue: Responding without bodily harm when asked if your husband, father, son - or any other decision maker is available.
  • Tractor trauma: Decoding the hidden language of mechanical masterpieces.
  • Motherhood and other near-death experiences: Staying sane while loving those closest to you.
  • Pregnant sows on plywood: Balancing with grace...or what to do if the plywood breaks.
  • Heifers on a halter: Learning to leverage your assets, even when you have to throw them down.
  • Power of pink: Adding a new color in the land of brown and green, AKA estrogen in the land of testosterone.
  • Furnace foibles: Remembering mechanical mayhems sure to make you forget to talk like a lady.
  • Selling semen and embryos: Reflecting on airline conversations gone awry.
  • Chocolate: Understanding the cocoa bean as a required food group in any girl's diet.
  • Pursuit of perfection: Confessing that trying to do it all can result in burnt oatmeal, forgotten laundry and the occasional gate left open.
  • Hay in the hair: Removing chaff and other unknown farm/ranch remnants before going out in public.
  • Footwear feats on the farm: Balancing two inch-heels on ice and tricks to remove manure before arriving at the airport.
  • Castration and emotion: Talking about subjects that make men squirm while finding a sense of community through connecting with other ladies just like you!
  • Hormones: Forget the talk of them in our land and animals, how about our own hormone swings?
  • Barn boots & high heels

    One foot in farming, the other in....

    Queen B or queen of the barn: Looking at leadership lessons found in cow hair, manure and the intricate communications of females who farm and ranch #likeagirl.

Known for her sarcasm, quick wit and heart for the ag community, Michele is able to relate to women from all walks of agriculture. She will inspire your meeting attendees to laugh at the foibles and frustrations that happen while trying to farm or ranch #likeagirl.  This keynote will move hearts to truly celebrate the special role of ladies in agriculture, while building their connections with each other.

"Thank you for touching our hearts, opening our minds and literally letting us kick up our heels."

- Wisconsin Association of Fairs

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