Is your brain being manipulated about food?

There's too much fear in food today. International award-winning author Michele Payn upends the way we've been led to think about food, illustrating the manipulation of our brains by the $5.75 trillion food business. She takes a lively look at the way misinformation, marketing half-truths, and label claims are messing with your brain. She reveals how food is big business, with profits fed by fear-based marketing. This fear hurts your health as stress increases about eating the "right food."

Somehow our hunger for a feel-good story about our food has led to ludicrous label claims to bully people around their eating choices. Bull Speak (B.S.) refers to the bad behaviors, deceptive label claims, marketing half-truths, and unnecessary drama surrounding our food plates today. Michele shows how bullying leads to higher prices and fewer choices, especially for those with a limited income. If you haven't been bullied about food, you aren't paying attention – or you may be the bully (unintentionally, of course).

What is food bullying? The need to position one food as superior to another lies at the heart of food bullying, which literally takes food out of someone's hand – by removing choice, creating emotion, or forcing an individual into groupthink mentality. As choices are removed, stress increases around eating the "right food." Michele Payn is a high-energy speaker who illustrates how this also gives power to fear and impacts our wellness. Victims are around every corner, such as:

  • The homeless person who can no longer afford eggs because of price increases from regulations.
  • A Michigan third grader who was bullied by her teacher over snack choices.
  • The farmer who can no longer care for their land and animals the best way because of backlash from a sensationalized documentary.
  • An Australian kindergartener who was sent home from school with a shaming note about a piece of homemade birthday cake.
  • A new parent who is ostracized from a play group for not having the “right” brand of product.

As the author of #1 best seller,  Food Bullying: How to Avoid Buying B.S., Michele is armed with compelling stories from dietitians, farmers, neuroscientists, agricultural families, psychologists, and food scientists. She backs these often amusing examples with research and perspective from a lifetime on the farm to help you measure all eating choices against your own standards. This eye-opening program will help you:

  • Learn the motives and methods of food bullying.
  • Identify where the implied power of platform, position, and product will most likely impact you.
  • Establish your own health, ethical, environmental, and social standards to measure all food claims against.
  • Grow awareness of psychological and neuromarketing tactics used in food.
  • Understand what matters on food labels and what's B.S.

Food Bullying confusion

"Don't Buy B.S." is a life-changing topic for anyone who eats. It's a candid look at food and farming today—and Michele has just the right energy to make it both comedic and compelling. It's a topic that your audience will thank you for bringing to your meeting. Listen in to the Food Bullying Podcast to get a flavor. 

Bring this NEW "Don't Buy B.S.: How does food bullying  hurt your health?" program to your health, wellness, or food conference – contact Michele today to talk about a motivational keynote or hands-on breakout for your dietetic, health, or wellness group! After all, food should be about celebration, not condemnation. If you're ready upend the way people think about their eating choices and elevate the conversation about nutrition, "Don't Buy B.S." is the program for you.

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