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Gettin’ figgy with it: Episode 115


“A little sugar is not always a bad thing!”  

Kevin Herman is a diversified farmer who grows crops you may have not heard much about, but his biggest crops are figs.  And yes, there are more than one variety. He likens fig varieties to wine varieties – each with a distinct flavor and pairing opportunity. 

A nutritional powerhouse of fiber, calcium, and potassium, Herman views figs as a great replacement for candy bars.  In this episode, he sheds light on the different varieties and their nuances in flavor, texture, and eye appeal, and shares some of his favorite preparation methods. If you’re an RDN or into nutrition, be sure to listen. 

Herman also clears the air so to speak on the many ways in which farmers serve as environmentalists.

California fruit producer“We all recognize the need for trees to help clean our air and we not only be on the loss of the rain forest but also spend billions every year to plant trees, well what about farmers, we plant millions of trees every year that not only feed the world but also clean the air!”

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