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Can food really boost your immunity? Episode 71


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Leslie Bonci is back  with the truth about immunity-boosting foods, why your gut  health is essential, and, of course – lots of laughs with Michele and Eliz! There’s a reason she returns as a three-peat guest – and this episode will help you overcome food bullying during the pandemic.

Leslie Bonci is a registered dietitian and a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics. She is the nutrition consultant for the Kansas City Chiefs, Carnegie Mellon University athletics, and the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre – and helps power a wide variety of athletes with smart nutrition.  Listen in, and learn how Leslie’s food insight can help you make smart eating choices, during COVID-19 and beyond. 

Key points:

There is no such thing as an immune-boosting food:

  • We can support our health with good nutrition, but we can’t cure a cold, flu, or other illness with food.
  • Your immune system is in your gut.
  • Carbohydrates are critically important – your microbiome flourishes when fed carbs!
  • Eating fermentable carbohydrates produces prebiotics
  • We need enough protein, divided throughout the day to produce antibodies.
  • Omega 3 fats are essential, too.
  • Whole fruits and vegetables supply fluid, calories, carbs, fiber, and disease-fighting phytonutrients.

Stocking “wealth on the shelf”

  • Eat well with what you have.
  • Canned, frozen, and dried fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of nutrition.
  • Stocking your shelf is great for budget-minded nutrition,
  • Mix canned or frozen items with fresh to stretch your food dollars: produce, dried milk, canned beans, etc.
  • Don’t feel you need to have the brand name.
  • A dollar store can also be a great source.

Sports dietitian BonciThree tips to overcome food bullying

  • Enjoy your food!
  • Everybody and every food has a place at the table.
  • Sometimes put your hands over your ears and say “enough”.  #DebunkTheJunk



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