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Pharmacist talks food, drugs, & rural mental health: Episode 72


Do you know your pharmacist?  Does he or she know you?  If not, you may be missing out on a key player in your health care.  In this episode, Michele and Eliz chat with pharmacist Jason Medows about the role he plays in his rural community and why mental health resources should be treated as first aid.

Jason Medows is a pharmacist and rancher from Cuba, Missouri. He lives on a family farm with my wife Keri and their 4 sons. Just last year, he founded the podcast Ag State of Mind, which focuses on mental health in agriculture.

Key points:

The most asked question of pharmacist: “What supplements should I take?”

  • Jason wants people to be as drug-free as possible
  • Take what you need
  • Avoid disease through good nutrition
  • Nutrition wasn’t covered much in pharmacy school

Pharmacy issues in rural community

  • Addiction is a big issue
  • People are hungry to learn about nutrition, but are not fed good information
  • Mental health resources are not accessible
  • A rural pharmacist may be the only resource
  • A doctor will write a prescription, but it isn’t the whole solution. We have to have a holistic approach to health
  • We have to treat mental health resources as first aid

Mental health issues in agriculture

  • Jason’s own experience led him to want to help others
  • Culture within Ag, for men in particular, makes mental health a tough subject
  • Men taught to be tough, independent, and stubborn – personal health is never the priority
  • Jason believes we have to start treating farmers themselves as an asset that needs to be supported and protected
  • The podcast grew out of the desire to have rural men talk about struggling

Three tips to overcome food bullying:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Understand what your body needs and make choices based on that.
  • Ask a health care provider, dietitian, farmer, or rancher,

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