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Food is sacred: how farmers help the hungry – Episode 70


What happens when the market for farm products disappears and there are hungry people in the community?  In Utah it led to farmers delivering food to Navajo families, including lamb – a sacred food.  Ron Gibson shares the heartwarming story the remarkable effort to inspire all Utah families to connect, succeed, and grow through the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation during COVID-19.

Ron Gibson is a sixth generation dairy farmer from Weber County, Utah. He is currently serving as the President of the Utah Farm Bureau, the largest farm & ranch organization in Utah. Its mission is to inspire ALL Utah families to connect, succeed and grow through the ‘Miracle of Agriculture’.

Key points:

The agriculture industry was expecting 2020 to be a better year than the last few, but the pandemic changed everything.

  • The last few years have weighed down farmers emotionally and financially.
  • Farmers don’t control the prices.  They, for example, build a business assuming milk will be priced at $18 per pound.  When the price becomes $10 per pound – farmers lose several hundred-thousand dollars per month.
  • COVID hit food prices plummeted.  Much of food is purchased for food service and restaurants. 
  • Grocery store shelves were empty and farmers had no market for their harvest.
  • Sheep ranchers were hit particularly hard since most of their harvest goes to restaurants.

Farmers Feeding UtahA community effort formed to help farmers and hungry people.

  • Donations to the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation are used to purchase food to deliver to hungry families.
  • The first project focused on easing the impact of hunger in the Navajo community.
  • Sheep is a sacred animal to the Navajo.
  • The beauty of the collaboration inspired more projects throughout the state.
  • Sacred money is supplying sacred food and creating a sacred community.

Three tips to understanding farmers, from a farmer.

  • Some of the coolest people in the world are farmers.
  • Farmers run their businesses without knowing what the price will be at harvest.
  • Farmers are independent and proud people who are the salt of the earth.


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