Food Bullying Podcast

Michele Payn

Stop food guilt over cow burps & beef: Episode 82


Everything we eat has a direct impact on the environment. Debbie Lyons-Blythe is a cattle rancher from Kansas and has been working on sustainability for years. She is the chairman elect of the US Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

Debbie highlights how beef is good for the environment. Cattle sequester carbon from land that cannot be used for anything besides grazing. She calls on dietitians to overcome the misinformation about meat – people have been bullied to believe that going vegan for a day will save the planet.

This rancher also touches on concerns around early puberty and development. A mom herself, Debbie understands concerns about girls developing early and highlights the science that shows caloric intake has led to that. She shares the process of why hormones and antibiotics are used – and how your food is safe.

She wants RDNs and consumers to know “Ranchers care! We spend our entire life doing the right thing for cattle and the land.” Debbie works daily to help give people insight about how beef is really raised and finds all of the misinformation about methane, hormones, and antibiotics in beef disheartening. Connect with her on Instagram at @kidscowsandgrass.

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