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Waste not, want not: Episode 97


Food prices increased a painful 13% in 2022. Yet Americans waste about $218 billion of food the U.S. and food is the single largest component taking up space inside of our landfills. RDN Rosanne Rust offers practical ways to reduce food waste in the home to save money and help the environment. 

A prolific writer, she’s published eight books, including several in the popular For Dummies® series, including her latest include Zero Waste Cooking For Dummies® (Jan 2022, John Wiley & Sons), and the 2nd edition of DASH Diet For Dummies® (November 2020).

Rosanne  believe’s there’s more than one way to consume a healthy diet. “We understand the big picture, including human physiology, human nutrition, and food science. We take behavior into account and understand how to help people make changes that they can accept. We also understand how to evaluate the evidence and put diet into perspective for overall health.

People come up with strict rules. They hear so many soundbites of misinformation (like “sugar is toxic”, “carbs are killing you”, “organic is best”. This all-or-nothing approach is affecting the mental health of many people who may feel they are failing because they aren’t reaching some unrealistic goal. At a time when food budgets (and all budgets) are tightening, we need to take this fear away. And also help those who HAVE a choice (to shop at fancy food stores) to understand that demonizing the rest (with no evidence of inferiority) is detrimental to everyone.”

Rosanne received her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and her M.S. in Nutrition from the University of Pittsburgh. Owner of Rust Nutrition Services, she provides a variety of nutrition communication services. Her philosophy has always been to take a fad-free, doable approach to healthy eating, in order to help people put food and nutrition into perspective and set realistic health goals.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, or TikTok.

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