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Good Soil Is Like Chocolate Cake: Episode 75


Sustainable farming is a hot topic – but was does sustainable even mean? In this episode Michele and Eliz welcome regenerative farmer Steve Tucker to discuss why he changed the way he farms and why great soil is like chocolate cake.

Steve Tucker is an ag production specialist. He farms in southwest Nebraska with his wife and three kids on their diversified regenerative farm. Steve’s innovation has been important as the farm has moved from a wheat/summer fallow rotation to 14 different crops and several different ag enterprises.

Key points:

What is the difference between a sustainable farm and a regenerative farm?

  • Sustainable leaves us where we are. 
  • In the past farmers used to think about what pests and weeds they needed to kill.
  • Regenerative think about the health of the soil and focus on how to make things better in the future.
  • Steve replaced summer fallow crops with marketable crops that are great for the soil.
  • He focuses on what the consumer wants, not what the elevator is buying.

What makes happy soil?

  • Plants harvest sunlight into soil
  • Plants make happy soil by putting carbon back into it
  • Lack of plants creates the need for fertilizer
  • Good soil is like chocolate cake

Regenerative farmerThree tips to overcome Food Bullying:

  • Do your own research
  • Know where foods come from
  • Understand the other side of the equation


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