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Talking turkey – hormones, breasts, nutrition: Episode 117


The bird’s the word, but when we’re talking turkey, what do all those labels REALLY mean?  

Peter Klaphake, a third generation turkey farmer from Minnesota, owns and operates turkey farms, a feed mill, and crop farming businesses.  He’s also a current board member on the Minnesota Turkey Research and Promotion Council.

“Our birds are never raised with added hormones or steroids.  In fact, it’s illegal,” explains Klaphake.  And while he goes into great detail on labeling, antibiotics, and what he wish consumers knew about raising turkey, he is deeply passionate about raising turkeys, despite all the challenges.

“It is a very risky, demanding, and rewarding profession,” says Klaphake. “We either have to love what we do, are completely nuts, or a bit of both!”

Listen in and learn more about how this lean, nutrient-dense protein makes its way to your table.  For more information, visit Klaphake Feed Mill.

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